Sunday, November 11, 2007

The week that was

Whewwww...I am glad this week is over! Dad was in the hospital from Saturday until late Wednesday afternoon, which of course meant that Mom and I were there most of that time too. He had anemia and a GI bleed, again. He received 4 units of blood, but his white count was up, so they pumped him full of antibiodicts too. He was scheduled for a lung biopsy next week, but they went ahead and did it while he was already in the hospital. He is feeling much better, but his legs are VERY swollen and uncomfortable. The good news is that he is off the coumidin, which is a blood thinner and the probable cause of all his bleeding. We have several doctors appointments in the next couple weeks, and should find out about his biopsy tomorrow. Here's hoping that it is not too serious.