Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My quilts

Let me tell you about my quilts. The "Wild Wild Women" quilt is one that I did for our Guild's annual challenge. We had to use a recognizable amount of the red bandana fabric (the border) in the quilt and it had to use the theme "the wild, wild West." I saw this in a magazine and decided that instead of French "Ooh LA LA" I would make it wild Western women.

The South Carolina quilt is one that the Ducks (my splinter group from the Cobblestone Quilt Guild in Charleston) did for me. A couple of years ago, 26 of us decided to make 26 of the same block (something that depicted South Carolina) and have a swap. This is one of only two of the quilts that have been finished. The other was done for my good friend Ann, when she was having bone marrow transplant. I am very honored to have this quilt. Both quilts are being entered in our quilt show to be held in October.

Happy 81st birthday Dad

Yes, today is my Dad's 81st birtday. We are taking him out to dinner (again....we already celebrated with some of the family on Friday and more on Saturday)tonight to celebrate.

Mom had her first injection for her macular degeneration treatment. She has a big patch over her eye, just as a precaution, and has to use drops several times a day. This is the first of 3 injections and then they will do a laser treatment again.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 29th

After weeks of trying to log back into this blog, I have finally figured out what is going on, and can begin to post again, which should make several of my friends very happy.

The trip to South Carolina was wonderful (gosh, it has been a long time since the last post). Sean, my son, and Andrea, his girlfriend and I spent a total of 4 long days in the car together and came back still speaking to each other, and liking each other. She is a wonderful girl and so much fun. Sean had a great time showing off all the sights, and I had a great time just vegging on the screened in porch and visiting with my Kindred Spirits.

Got back late Saturday afternoon and had to put my Dad in the hospital on Sunday morning. Another bout of internal bleeding and anemia. After 3 days and 2 units of blood, he was a new man and was able to come home. He hasn't seemed to bounce back as well as normal, and I am worried about him. He has a hard time catching his breath and is very tired all the time. The doctors don't seem to know what is causing the shortness of breath and we are looking into that again this week.

Mom is having the unpleasant experience of having injections in her eye starting this week. She have been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration. These injections will, hopefully, stop any further damage. Please pray for her.

I have been busy finishing up a quilt top, which I am entering in our guild's quilt show in October. It will be the first time I have entered anything in a show, so I am kind of excited. I am also volunteering at my church one morning a week as a receptionist. It is really great to finally be able to do some things like that. Also am involved in a Beth Moore Bible Study on the Book of Daniel. Wow, what a wild ride that has been.

I promise to try to do better with my postings. Keep an eye on the blog, you never know.